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Automatic battery-powered pepper and salt grinder

Automatic battery-powered pepper and salt grinder

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"Automatic operation: our pepper grinder adopts advanced gravity design, no need for manual grinding, no buttons to press, ideal for customers suffering from chronic hand pain. Simply rotate the grinder and you will have freshly ground spices. It allows you to sprinkle your favorite spices with one hand, while freeing the other to do other tasks in the kitchen.
Adjustable Grind: The ceramic grinder is located at the top to grind pepper coarsely or finely, and keep your table or countertop free of debris. Turn the grinder clockwise for fine particles and turn counterclockwise for coarse particles. Simple and modern design, suitable for all dining tables and kitchen countertops.
Blue LED light: not a cheap and boring white light, the blue light is not only bright but also soft. When you have dinner with your family or loved ones, this soft blue light adds a warm and romantic touch to the ambiance. The blue LED light will automatically turn on during use, you will be able to see exactly where you season.
High quality and large capacity: matte black stainless steel lid provides a pleasant feeling when you take the grinder. High quality acrylic material, no corrode and no rust, make spices fresh and healthy. Easy to refill and clean, and it is more durable than glass. Large capacity, you don't need to refill your pepper grinder often.
Battery operated: insert 6 AAA batteries as the instructions indicate (English language not guaranteed) before using the grinder (batteries not included). They provide great power for the pepper grinder, you don't have to grind with your hands."

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