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Body brush set for wet or dry brushing and pumice filing

Body brush set for wet or dry brushing and pumice filing

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【HIGH COST PERFORMANCE PACKAGE】We provide a high quality set of a body brush and foot file scrubber. The body brush is made of natural bristles and is suitable for DRY or WET brushing. The brush has 2 sides, one side is pumice stone to file away calluses and the other side is made of natural bristles to deep clean feet. This set includes 2 items.
【EFFECT of BODY BRUSHING】Dry body brushing is an affordable, effective and chemical-free way to healthier and smoother skin. Natural bristles can effectively clean pores, exfoliate skin, reveal skin, and stimulate the skin's natural collagen production. An invigorating dry brush provides a refreshing massage. Wet brushing used in the shower or bath helps to deep clean the skin.
【BODY BRUSH FEATURES】 NATURAL BRISTLES : The brush is made of natural bristles. The natural bristles can massage the skin and deeply clean the dirt on the surface of the skin, which can effectively clean and protect the skin. POLISHED WOODEN HANDLE: Compared with the plastic handle, the polished wooden handle is smoother and provides a natural feel. OVAL PALM SIZED NON-SLIP COTTON STRAP: The palm-sized, oval head fits perfectly in your hand, and the canvas strap makes it easy to grip.
【FOOT FILE SCRUBBER FEATURES】 PUMICE STONE: The pumice stone with numerous random small holes can help rejuvenate and clean the skin on your feet and heels, as well as remove calluses, calluses or rough and dry skin. NATURAL BRISTLES: The other side of the natural bristles of the scrubber can help remove dirt from the skin of the figures of the feet and heels. WOODEN HANDLE: The wooden handle helps you to handle it easily and hold it with one hand.

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