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Large LED Display Digital Alarm Clock with Makeup Mirror Surface with Dim Mode 3

Large LED Display Digital Alarm Clock with Makeup Mirror Surface with Dim Mode 3

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"MIRROR SURFACE DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK: SZELAM's alarm clock combines a makeup mirror, alarm clock and time display function. HD mirror screen can reflect your beauty, it can also be used as a mirror for your beauty and makeup while watching the time. The specially designed mirror surface is not easily stained by ash as it can be wiped clean with a single wipe to restore the original clean appearance. You can stand it upright, lay it flat, or hang it on the wall, just choose the way you like
A quiet sleeping environment and luminous function: - SZELAM's clock is silent, which allows you to get rid of noise at night and sleep peacefully. User-friendly design luminous function allows you to see the time clearly at night and no need to turn on the lights. When it is a 12-hour system, AM will not be displayed before 12 noon, but PM will be displayed after 1 pm
3-Level Brightness Settings: - SZELAM alarm clock adopts high-sensitivity photosensitive sensor, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment brightness, or manually adjust the 3-level brightness, better for your eyes and more environmentally friendly
Memory function and dual USB ports: when the external power supply is off, the retention time and various settings do not change. The time is not displayed after the external power supply is turned off, to avoid repeating the settings next time. Two USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time, say goodbye to the embarrassing situation of no electricity while playing phone games in bed
5-60 minute snooze function for deep sleepers: The large snooze button helps you easily turn off the buzzer, but no need to open your eyes and enjoy five minutes of sleep. The watch gives an alarm every 5 minutes and the default snooze time is 2 minutes until you turn off the snooze mode by pressing any other button. You can also set the snooze time by yourself. Perfect for deep sleepers"

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